Beau Soleil Haiti

The concept...

The emphasis of Beau Soleil: A year round selection
of organic products including corn, oranges, bananas,
plantains, eggs, honey, flowers, tilapia, and a wide
array of produce. The produce is divided among
members of Beau Soleil Communauté who then take
the goods to market, and retain a percentage of the
profit. The remaining monies are invested in
additional seeds and crops, and
growing the projects. Alongside the agricultural
projects, members are also taught:
  • Organic farming techniques
  • Self-sustainable living
  • Diet & nutrition

Want to join the network?...
If you have knowledge, a service,
store or other resource for helping
to advance the lives of Haitians and
would like to participate in helping
them to build businesses, learn
and/or better their lives, please
contact us!
Online Boutique: Art & Design
Business Alliance- Project 2014:
In 2014 our goal is to bring more
Haitian art to market in the United
States and also increase awareness
of Haitian artists & designers
through fair trade channels. We hope
to grow the "Boutique" on our own
website, but also partner with stores
& websites to help feature these
artists. Visit the Boutique: Art &
Design Business Alliance

Beau Soleil projects are registered & located in Leogane, Haiti - Directing Office is located in the U.S.
The "Beau Soleil Communauté" is comprised of families living on the land,
displaced after the earthquake in 2010, as well as all of the agricultural
specialists & others who come to the land to assist with the various

At "communauté" gatherings, the people working and/or residing on the
land are led by "Ms. Nikaise", the Beau Soleil Therapist, and discuss:
  • Hygiene & cleanliness
  • Relationship/ marriage issues
  • STD/ HIV prevention
  • Parenting techniques
  • Work ethics
  • Communication/ group cooperation
Help support the projects at
Beau Soleil Haiti, check
Cafe Press: Beau Soleil Haiti