The people who make it happen...

Directors, Founders & Influential Members

The directors of Beau Soleil is comprised of some volunteers, as well as Haitians that are employed through the Beau Soleil program and also have the
opportunity for profit-sharing. Ronald returned to his country of Haiti in 1984 and continues to live there today, overseeing the land and the daily

The role of each director is varied, to cover each programs needs.

None of the head directors/ founders of Beau Soleil Haiti or Art & Design Business Alliance draw a salary, but instead contribute their time & personal
money. All money goes towards the salaries of the Haitian's working on the land and within the programs, or goes into further developing the programs
and buying goods.  
Agronome Lafontant: Lead Agricultural Director
After 6 years of intensive study, Agronome Lafontant graduated from Cuba and returned to Haiti to lead the agricultural
projects of Beau Soleil, under the direction of Jean. Lafontant is a firm believer in organic foods and specializes in rural
farming methods. He also has a strong understanding of nutrition and is able to teach organic farming, nutrition and the
value of healthy foods to young adults & parents. Lafontant has worked tirelessly at getting all of the crops and
agricultural projects off of the ground and his dedication, hard work and passion is absolutely amazing.
Nikaise: Therapist & Life Skills Training Director
Nikaise graduated from the University of Haiti (UEH) and is a licensed therapist who leads the Life Skills Training
program and provides therapy services each Saturday at the weekly “communaute” gathering. The primary focus is on
fears and emotional trauma caused by the earthquake, as well as marital and relationship counseling, pregnancy
prevention, parenting guidance, and issues related to hygiene, health, and well being. In addition, each Saturday
everyone gets a chance to participate in art projects, jewelry making and other crafts, singing, reading and other
enjoyable activities. Nikaise has been one of the most beneficial additions to Beau Soleil with her enthusiasm, energy
and spirit; she’s a true “go getter” and we love her dearly
Agronome Lafontant
Lafontant and Ms. Nikaise
Agronome St. Paulin
Agronome St. Paulin: Assistant to Director
Agronome St. Paulin attended school in Cuba at the same university as Agronome Lafontant, then returned to Haiti.
She assists and helps to oversee the crops & projects and is a strong force in making everything happen. She's also
great with children and young adults, teaching them the value of a healthy diet and making healthy eating fun &
Ms. Louise
Mrs. Louise: Beau Soleil Mother, Cook & Nurturer
The ferme/ farm could not be possible without the daily nurturing and motherly love of Mrs. Louise. She cares for
the sick, watches after the young, and works from morning to night making sure everyone is fed and remains healthy
& happy. Mrs. Louise is highly respected for taking care of Jean & Ronald’s “Uncle Raymond” towards the end, when
Alzheimer’s had taken his mind and each day she cared for him, bathed him and fed him. She is a woman of integrity
and unwavering love and a true blessing to have at Beau Soleil…. and one of the best cooks Jean has ever
Agronome Catolin
Agronome Catolin: Agriculture/ Grafting Specialist
Graduating from the University of Fondwa (, Catolin specializes in grafting trees and plants
to make the best, sweetest, and most flavorful produce possible. His talent is incredible and he has taken over 50
orange trees at Beau Soleil and turned them into flourishing, sweet orange producing,
Mr. Benol (blue) and his lovely family
Mr. Benol: Agricultural Assistant
It takes many hands to help keep the organic gardens weeded, watered and properly cared for, and the man leading
this mission is Mr. Benol. He and his family were some of the many who moved to the land after losing their home in
the earthquake and he has been a vital part of maintaining the projects.
Jean: Beau Soleil Founder
Jean: Beau Soleil Founder & Director
It was always Jean’s dream to giveback to his homeland of Haiti and incorporate his love and talent for horticulture
in the process. And so he did, he created “Beau Soleil” which originally started by growing French Green Beans and
miniature vegetables in the late 80’s and early 90’s and selling them to the nouvelle cuisine restaurants of the era
in Manhattan. Gradually the projects transitioned, the earthquake rocked Haiti, and Jean revived his projects with
a new mission: To grow & provide Haitians with the organic produce & eggs they desperately need and deserve.
Today his projects are running strong, and he’s happy to offer Haitians a way of making money while also providing
quality produce and goods, nutritional education and building a strong foundation for individuals in Leogane, Haiti.
Carrie: ADBA Founder
Carrie: Art & Design Business Alliance Founder (Hope from Art- ADBA) & Director of “Beau
Soleil Communaute” (Life Skills Training) and Business Training
With an interest, and businesses, in online marketing, marketing psychology and marketing research, Carrie
decided to bring her knowledge, talent and skills to Haiti and teach entrepreneurship to individuals in Leogane,
Haiti and the Beau Soleil Communaute. The goal is to allow young adults and entrepreneurs the opportunity to
market their products internationally, far beyond their local market, and to also finance select businesses to
establish themselves in Haiti. In addition to business & marketing training, Carrie directs the Life Skills Training
program which focuses on emotional trauma caused by the earthquake, as well as marital and relationship
counseling, pregnancy prevention, parenting guidance, and issues related to hygiene, health, and well being. The
goal being that for an individual to be successful in business, their entire being needs to be nurtured.
Ronald: Assistant Lead Director
Ronald returned to his homeland of Haiti in 1984 and dedicated his life to caring for elderly family members and
maintaining & developing the land. His undying passion for the Haitian people is incredible. After the earthquake,
Ronald moved from the town of Leogane, to live on the land permanently alongside many Haitians who lost their
houses and were in need of shelter, food and protection. As Ronald always does, he opened his heart, wallet and
land; providing for as many people as he possibly could. In addition to overseeing the agricultural projects, Ronald
is quite the craftsman and also oversees the design & building of needed shelters, latrines and other structural
needs on the land
Young Stars…

Part of the goal of Beau Soleil and Carrie’s “Hope From Art: Art & Design Business Alliance”, is to help sponsor young adults in furthering their education
and developing their career or their own business.

Two of our “young stars” who never cease to amaze us with their enthusiasm, perseverance and determination are Ms. Daphee and Ms. Esther.
Ms. Daphnee: Nursing Student at Haiti Nursing Foundation
For the past 3 years, Carrie has been sponsoring Daphnee at the nursing school in Leogane, which prepares
young adults to be fully degreed, registered nurses in Haiti. Daphnee has immense compassion for humans and is
always willing & ready to do whatever is needed to comfort someone. She stepped up to the plate just after the
earthquake, putting her own concerns and loss aside, and assisted the nursing school in bandaging and caring for
the wounded. Her faith, compassion and resilience is simply amazing.
Daphnee M.
The ambitious Ms. Esther styling hair...
Ms. Esther: Attending cosmetology school
Carrie refers to Esther as “our little entrepreneur”. She was first discovered by Jean, who saw her styling women’
s hair on the land, getting extra pocket change. Esther had dreams of going to cosmetology school and becoming a
stylist, but the loss of her father in 2006 forced her to leave school, as the family could no longer afford it. Upon
hearing about Esther, Carrie quickly decided that she needed to attend cosmetology school and after graduating
she has been promised her own “studio” on the land of Beau Soleil where she’ll be assisted in getting her business

Esther graduated cosmetology school on July 28th, 2013.
Congratulations Esther!!

Beau Soleil projects are registered & located in Leogane, Haiti - Directing Office is located in the U.S.